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If you want asiann cd amateurs, t-girls, “ladyboys”, dickgirls then you have come to the right place. Follow these girls on their personal adventures into their true inner self the female inside of them.
"I know I look much better as a girl than as a boy. Anyway, I think trans, in your words chicks with dicks, are most sexy creatures in this world and I wanna be one of them. I'm whatever you want me to be, your ladyboy goddess, sexy little chick with dick, submissive tranny slave, versatile tgirl friend. I'm here to please the funs of the girl side of me." mary c
The Girls!

Cum meet the girls of All of them started on their own as exhibitionist shooting their own photos and videos for fans on various social networking sites. It was only natural to bring them together here for you to see and enjoy.

See and talk to them “live”, Email them follow their lives as they explore their inner femme as they explore their sexuality.

They all started young. They knew something was not right,

A girl trapped in a boys body.

This is their site and their visions. These are their stories and their lives. They want you to see it all.

Have fun alongside them.

katie ayanami ai minami yuka aoi cutie mei ling li mary c
japanese / 5'7" / 105lbs
hair: black / eyes: brown

united states

Before you go back to drooling over my pics, you should know that unlike most people, I born into the wrong gender. So I decided to do something about it. I love my life now and if you were in it I'd love you too .n_n

japanese / 169cm / 64kg
hair: black / eyes: brown

tokyo, japan

I started dressing back in sixthgrade; back then it was mostly just high heels. I dress as often as I can. It's high heels that makes the "transformation" complete

japanese / 165cm / 57kg
hair: black / eyes: brown

tokyo, japan

I consider myself a crossdresse. pink is my favorite color. When I put on it (skirt, heels, stocking), I think I am a pretty girl my name means “soft flower” i love to dress up cosplay.

chinese / 180cm
hair: black / eyes: brown


I consider myself a cd :) I started dressing up when I was around 5 years old. I got more feminine and started to have interest in dresses and girly stuff

chinese / 174cm / 58kg
hair: black / eyes: brown

beijing, china

I dress up whenever I can and I enjoy every moment of it. chicks with dicks, are most sexy creatures in this world and Iwanna be one of them. I'm whatever you want me to be

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bio - interview
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Self Shot Photos and Videos
So you know its real and the gurls love it!
Latest Updates host lots of great photos and video. These girls shoot their own photos. They shoot what gets them off, what turns them on. The orgasms and bliss is real.

They cant get enough! Every chance they get they dress up girly and cute in heels and stockings, in panties and dresses then fuck themselves good wishing you were there with them to treat them like the little sluts they are inside.

They will do all the things your wife or girlfriend will not do and they will do it any time you want.

They will drain your balls and ask for more “please”

They know what you want because they want to be your little dickgurl

China Doll (March 2012) : Mei Ling Li
Ive always dreamed of being a little chinadoll to a nice man with a huge cock. Make me serve you and service your cock at night. Take my cherry.

Lace Anal (March 2012) : Katie Ayanami
At home shooting some self pics of me in lace while having fun with my tight little ass

Short Hair Cum (February 2012) : Ai Minami
I want to be your little china doll. i will do anything you ask or demand of me so long as you let me stay with you.

Valentines 2012 (February 2012) : Mei Ling Li
Happy Valentines! I do hope you you have a great valentines day with a very cute girl with a sexy surprise

White Fishnet Knee Highs (February 2012) : Katie Ayanami
I'm at my battle station wearing a cute sexy pair of white fishnet knee highs with my cawk a little aroused.

Red Sailor Suit (December 2011) : Mary C
I just got home from school unable to study as i was thinking of cute boys all day.

Pure White (November 2011) : Mei Ling Li
How do you guys like my freshly shaven pussy! Very cute and pretty. I love it smooth and naked so pure and white. I want a boy now to play with. Lick it please. Yes kiss it too. Ooooh like that.

Pink Red (October 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Fall is here. I just showered and shaved, i love that feeling in my robe. Even better is the feeling of slipping on a pair of stockings after i just shaved and showered. If you have every crossdress you know what i mean.

Pink Whore (October 2011) : Yuka Aoi
may i be your pink princess whore? your japanese girl you bring to your mother and fuck on her bed when she leaves?

China Doll (October 2011) : Ai Minami
I want to be your little china doll. i will do anything you ask or demand of me so long as you let me stay with you.

Black Lace (October 2011) : Mary C
Every girl loves lace. Mary is no exception. Here she is in a fully black lace body stocking enjoying herself for you. She loves your stares.

Mei White Dress Pt 2 (September 2011) : Mei Ling Li
Mei Ling Li lingers in her home in a cute white dress and some cute white panties. We just love her smile and her sexiness.

Bow Stockings (August 2011) : Katie Ayanami
I love stockings, i love the feeling the sheerness and the textures. The sound it makes when i rub against my own legs. I love these cuban soled stockings. They make my cawk hard.

Pink Mary (August 2011) : Mary C
Pink for me, Pretty me. Im in bed in my pretty pink dress waiting for someone to touch me and play with me. I need to be touched soon

Princess Yuka (August 2011) : Yuka Aoi
"I had a chance to escape to be myself again! I love dressing up as a cute girly princess. Excuse me for a bit. I need to go touch myself now"

Guest Room (July 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Visitng my parents this past week. I see they fixed up the guest room. Well while they are at work i need to make sure to add a little bit of darktrap! Enjoy!

Snow White (July 2011) : Mei Ling Li
Mei Ling Li in her cutest white dress looking out the window for her man. In her words? "This Snow White has a special "apple" she is waiting for a prince to come"

Sweet Yellow (July 2011) : Mary C
Mary C has a great eye for comfort and sex! She looks so sexy and comfy in her new outfit. I bet she wishes you were there with her now

Dressing Up (July 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka Loves to dress in in the prettiest cutest dresses she can find. She loves being the pretty girl. Would you love to take her to a hotel and have her do a fashion show for you?

White Dress Mei (June 2011) : Mei Ling Li
I love to go out on dates. I did this shoot as to what it would be like if you visited me after the date. "Want to come up inside? Good! Come In!

Opaque Black Stockings (June 2011) : Katie Ayanami
I love black obaque stockings so much! they objectify the legs more than usual. Any exposed skin looks more nude than usual. They are just sexy!

Visit Me Pt. Two (June 2011) : Mei Ling Li
Want to come up inside? Good! Come In! Ooh i have you all to myself now? cum to my bedroom. I hve afew things to show you... yeah right now. cum.

Black Lace Lggings (June 2011) : Mary C
Mary felt a little bit sexier today so she slipped on her sexy leopard panties and did a nuber for us. Eventually removed the panties for more fun!

White Dress Pure (June 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Ooooh i love white so much. i love to dress up as a little princess. This outfit makes me feel so femme. The accents of red add a bit of naughtiness don you think?

Heat Wave Icee (May 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Katie living in los angeles part of the time sent us these pics of her enduring the latest heat wave that fortunately lasted only for 2-3 days. She got a little hot and bothered which is fortunate for us.

Cheongsam Teddy (May 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Love Hotels! I often visit the love hotels in japan to play dress up by myself. Here i am with 3 comstume changes but no man. I'm waiting for you now. Come with me next time.

Visit Me (May 2011) : Mei Ling Li
I love to go out on dates. I did this shoot as to what it would be like if you visited me after the date. "Want to come up inside? Good! Come In!

China Doll Cheongsam (May 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai Minami has a fetish for submission. She loves a good bdsm session. When asked to serve a good strong man she will do so gladly. Dressed as a China Doll you bet your needs will be met.

Black Lace Lggings (April 2011) : Mary C
Mary C is a cute little cd from china. She love black and loves lace. What girl doesn't! I wish i could join her on that bed and have a little fun.

White Dress Princess (April 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka Aoi loves to dress like a princess. Dressed in a cute white dressed accented in pretty peach edges and a pink bow on her head she loves to tease the boys. The boys dont have a chance with her black opaque thigh highs

Wet Leggings (February 2011) : Mary C
Like wet shiny latex the girls nowadays know how to drive us crazy with more clothing on than we are use to. If you are a leg man you will love mary!

Pink Panties (February 2011) : Mei Ling Li
I love dresses but today i got these cute pink panties. So sheer to go along with the light pink sheer dress. It Left nothing to the imagination. Enjoy these photos

SchoolGurl Pink (February 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka like any other japanese girl still wears her cute schoolgurl outfit whenever she can. Modified of course for maximum erection causing effects. What a dirty girl.

Night Shots (January 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Katie loves to dress up at home. In a dark mood she is sexpirementing with some night shots and knee high socks.

Bondage Bar (January 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai is another gurl that cumz to us from japan. Here are some pics of her a at a bondage club getting worked over good. Enjoy as i am sure she did.

Pink Dress (January 2011) : Mary C
Mary in a cute pink dress. ready for a date with a cute guy. She then shows us whats she is hiding under her dress.

Flirry Pink Skirt Pt 2 (January 2011) : Mei Ling Li
Mei Ling Li is a typical chinese girl who likes to play dress up in her bedroom. Heels, Panties and a cute pink skirt. Oh yeah she also has a cock.

Blue Cosplay (January 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka comes to us from japan where the girls love to dress up as their favorite anime characters. Except yuka gets a little naughty while dressed up. The slutty little girl inside cumz out.

Lace Stockings (January 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Whoring it up a little with a pair of lace stockings and black heels. All self shot of course

Bondage Bar Pt 2 (January 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai is another gurl that cumz to us from japan. Here are some pics of her a at a bondage club getting worked over good. Enjoy as i am sure she did.

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Soft Pink (May 2012) : Cutie Mei Ling Li
Soft Pink! Soft me. So cute in my pretty pink lingerie.

Button Up Shirt (May 2012) : Ai Minami
I love to wear a mans shirt. Especially my mans shirt while he's away at work. I love the smell he left for me while i play with my cock.

Pink Dress Vibe (February 2012) : Yuka Aoi
I love my vibrator. Love it makes me feel so girly and sexy and dirty

Pink Dress Masturbation (January 2012) : Yuka Aoi
Oooh i love rubbing my clit with a nice vibe while i squirt my juice all over the place. Want a taste?

White Hot Cum (January 2012) : Cutie Mei Ling Li
Watch me cum in my white nightie and stockings! I really need a man in me soon

Tube Top Stockings (December 2011) : Ai Minami
Tube Tops are very sexy i feel so constricted like a tight corset around my small breast. Gets me all horny! Watch me stroke my cock.

Pink Fishnet Teddy (December 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Pink! Fishnets! in a teddy. I love it. Watch me play with my cock stroking for you.

After Clubbing (November 2011) : Ai Minami
After a night out clubbing at the local japanese hotspots Ai runs quickly home to pleasure thinking of all the cocks she rubbed against. All the loads that erupted earlier in her honor as she danced like a stripper.

Bed Shirt (September 2011) : Ai Minami
See ain as she gets ready for bed. But first she needs to play with her cock. Oooh a cute bed shirt and some nice slutty heels.

Stand Fucking (September 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka visits the hotel again to live out her fantasies. In japan love hotels are some of the few places you get to be who you really are inside. She fucks herself standing on video for you.

Black White Stockings (August 2011) : Ai Minami
Another great sexy scene from japanese newhalf ai! Wait till you see her cum

The Hotel Room (August 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Yuka likes to visit the nearby love hotels in japan to transform herself back into the girl she really is. lets watch.

Black (August 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai does another great sexy show for us in her stockings and heels. This girl can cum on command. Sexy! Very Sexy

The Sleep Over (June 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai In her sleep shirt and stockings/heels she gets ready for bed by cumming for us. Cum in and enjoy the show.

Black Opaque (June 2011) : Ai Minami
Ai masturbates in her red and black cheongsam wearing sexy black opaque stockings. Watch her cum all over herself.

Oiled Panties (April 2011) : Katie Ayanami
I love to get a little messy. Baby Oil and my cute butt meanse sexy fun!

Pink Sheer Babydoll (January 2011) : Cutie Mei Ling Li
All alone at home mei got all dolled up in her babydoll for the camera. She did not disapointed cumming for us on camera like a sweet little slut.

Anal Hose (January 2011) : Katie Ayanami
Stuffed full of fingers and stockings? Yeah she can get a bit kinky. After wearing a pair of stockings she stuffs them up her cute butt.

Cosplay Anal (January 2011) : Yuka Aoi
Cosplay is yuka's medium for perversion. She loves to dress up as her favorite character and get a little sexy.

Fishnet Anal (January 2011) : Ai Minami
What girl doesn't like to wear slitty fishnets and stuff her tight little hole with a toy while rubbing her dick. Ai loves it and needs it.

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